“Love for history and territory makes good blood”


There are places in the Marche that have framed the history of great families of the past and that still retain that refined, genuine, authentic atmosphere that once breathed. Villa Teloni is an example of this, in San Severino Marche, which from the eighteenth century until now has kept its soul intact, even in the alternation of epochs and events followed. There are two families in particular whose stories are linked to the rooms and the gardens of this suggestive residence: the Coletti family, who built and inhabited it for three generation, and the Teloni family, owners since 1996.


The large rural house and the surrounding lands belonged to the Coletti family, who made their own residence since the eighteenth century. In that century, Giuseppe, who was also mayor of San Severino Marche, a passionate botanist designed and created the park of the villa. And Francesco, his son, in the first half of the twentieth century “restored and embellished the house and the nearby interpreting the paternal desire”: that can be read on the inscription on one of the amphorae bases around the swimming pool. In the second twentieth century the property was partly sold, but the house remained to the daughter of Francesco Coletti, Countess Evelina Battibocca. Of the rural complex was also part a Church, entitled to the “Madonna SS.ma of the conception”: today deconsecrated but still standing, is integrated into the perimeter walls of the park and opens both inside and on the public road. The elders of the village tell that the corner of the park behind the church was beloved by Francesco Coletti for his readings and his studies in economics, statistics, agriculture and social sciences.


In 1996 the residence, after a long period of abandonment, was bought by the family Teloni, in the person of Sandro Teloni, who promised the outgoing owner who would have kept unchanged the characteristics and the peculiarities. For the renovation, which lasted five years, they used only historical materials from old structures destined for demolition. But what brought Mr. Teloni, freelance with a well established career in the bank as head of commercial area, to buy the old residence now in a decadent state? His was a choice of love: he was looking for a country house for his family and a friend of him suggested the then Villa Coletti, proposing him to buy it together, considering its bigness. “I was fascinated by the first glance” says Mr. Teloni “I immediately began to dream as would become after the remittance and dreams, you know, churning the mountains”. The decision was taken without hesitation and while the friend withdrew from the purchase, Mr. Teloni decided to go to the end. It was then that he contacted the architect Patrizia Ravegnani, a well-established professional who traveled and saw the world, and then decided to settle in the Marche, among other things, author of the book “Consigli e progetti dell’architetto per i rustici”. Even in her the residence snapped the spark, she immediately became passionate to the project and began to work “as if it were her home”. Next to the main structure there is a secondary road where, in ancient times, was transited by the wagons full of grapes that carried the cargo in an open-air depot, expected by the women of the village for starting to press to make the must. The liquid drained along an underground burrow that led into the cellar where there were huge barrels. The restructuring operations maintaine unaltered all this path.

Coincidence wants that, in 1997, at the time of the terrible earthquake that struck the Marche and The Umbria, many ruins, farmhouses and old houses collapsed or were severely damaged, so much to be demolished. So Mr. Teloni personally occupied himself to buy the old bricks, tiles, now unused fixtures, to complete the work of recovery and renovation of the villa, which thanks to its solid structure, did not suffer any special damage. The only part that collapsed was the bell tower of the old church. The tenacity of Mr. Teloni and his willingness to bringing everything to new life, maintaining the antiquity of materials and structures, made him meet the then seventy Mastro Franco, who recovering in his hand the collapsed bricks, busied himself personally of the reconstruction, going up on the scaffolding at his noble age and doing a work admirable.



“Villa Teloni is open to the public I’m ready to face all the challenges that lie ahead, aiming at perfecting the work, also by availing ourselves of new technologies, but without ever giving up our identity and our history, full of charm and wealth”


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